Infrastructure Services offered by Computer Cabling, LLC.

When your IT project requires any Infrastructure Service, we at Computer Cabling, LLC. are at the ready for you.

Our service can start as simple as wiring up a home office or as complex as wiring a large scale office building. We have the ability to provide a complete IT Infrastructure Services from Design to Deployment with our dedicated project management team.

Project Management

Computer Cabling, LLC. takes care of the challenges of your infrastructure services project so you can stay dedicated in your business. We partner with your team to understand your desired goal. We will ensure that your IT project is delivered within the defined scope, time, and cost constraints. We can also help in the design of cabling runs for your design.

Computer Cabling

Wiring is the backbone of any communication infrastructure service. If your need is a single CAT5 wire run or the wiring of CAT6 for your small office or an entire call center with miles of fiber, we have the experienced staff to complete any job on time. Our technicians are trained in Fiber Fusion Splicing and Systimax Solutions. Our team can even assist in connecting your end user equipment to the installed wiring infrastructure.

Complete installation of network infrasture

When deployment of new IT hardware overwhelms your staff, feel confident and call us here at Computer Cabling, LLC to take charge. We know there are many tedious tasks that need to be taken care of and you need to focus on your day to day business operations. We can supply the resources needed to complete your new installation or replace outdated equipment with new.

Repurchase of Old Equipment

To keep up with the advancing technology your business will need to upgrade hardware. Does your office has a room full of old hardware? What do you do with your old equipment? Computer Cabling LLC has solutions to find value in your old equipment.